Thursday, May 10, 2012

Applying the discipline for children

Apply discipline in children. Thus, the children know when to play because they have to eat, bathe, sleep, and others. Consistency makes children.

Accustomed to the daily schedule. In fact, the pattern and the biological clock will alert you when the time comes. Example, for every nap 14:00 accustomed to, then.

While playing around at the kids will be tired and sleepy, and then invites us to sleep.

1. avoids a threatening or angry when asked about the child's discipline. Make calls, creative and fun so that he will follow.

2. Ask it interesting so that children will perform a routine. Suppose, appetite occurs, ask what you want the menu to eat. Use of equipment interesting meal.

3. If the child does not want to move, make a deal that did not stop too long. For example, "Then, 15 minutes more we eat, so then when mama, i here mean it's time to eat ... "15 minutes later saying," Come on, already fifteen minutes, baby food. Wait. Let's eat! "

4. Do not be too rigid. Flexible attitude will make the child more easily work together. If the child has not finished with these activities, wait for the end. After reminded to perform routine tasks.

5. If the child still insists on playing, tell them firmly but gently, "Now is the time of bathing, go to the bathroom you smelly and itchy if you do not bathe."

Children also need to know the consequences if you wait until leaving the routine tasks.

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