Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strength Character For The Future

As we know, humans actually have the creativity, taste and intention. Therefore, when only the creativity (IQ) is sharpened, then there is an imbalance. Then what happens? Obviously, the effect of the pattern of education which only focuses on creativity (cognitive / IQ) alone and ignores the feeling (affective / EQ), and intention (action) will be felt and seen at a time when the child grows up. The child will be socially crippled. Why do I say social paralysis? Social paralysis occurs when the child is not able to establish relationships in their social environment. In fact, in every association within the community, both in employment relationships, social organization, relationships at school and others would need to establish rapport and cooperation with others. It could ultimately hinder the development of her potential.

Is it not our basic needs as human beings to work together? By working together, we actually open up many opportunities to learn many things. That way, we can increase the opportunity to explore ourselves. Here lies the importance of relationships and social interactions.

First, parents are directing their children to hone his IQ. Therefore, a high IQ is defined as a high level of intelligence as well (and is said to be a recipe for success if high IQ). However, a new realization finally came that there was another intelligence that cannot be ignored, namely emotional intelligence.

Balance between cognitive intelligence (knowledge), feelings (affective) and action (action) will build on the strength of good character himself. Characters themselves are very important role. Therefore, the character itself is a way of thinking and behavior that is typical of individuals to live and work together with the surroundings.

Sometimes, the character as a person feels out of balance. There are people who have brilliant ideas but was unable to cooperate with teamwork. It indicates the person has a good IQ intelligence emotional intelligence was bad. There are also people who have a brilliant brain, he is also good, but lazy to work. It shows the action is weaker than his IQ and EQ.

The characters themselves will be stronger if all three aspects are met. This good character itself will determine the decision-making process, behave and the way we think. Which will ultimately determine our success? See, a Nelson Mandela won the sympathy with the world with the idea of ??peace. Mother Teresa shook the world with love and concern for others. Bung Karno with ideas, tenacity and intelligence still feel for our nation, which has gone through years after the millennium.

All of that is a manifestation of the strength of character they have. This confirms that, a person's character determines individual success. And according to research, just 80 percent of a person's success is determined by emotional intelligence, while an intelligence intelligentsia got a portion of 20 percent.