Saturday, May 12, 2012

JPMorgan for losses of 2 billion related to derivatives trading

Sharp fall in the a way of JPMorgan Chase Nell'after hours on Wall Street, with the bank that has come to lose 6.6% to $ 38.07, after closing the regular session of trading rising by 0.25% at 40, $ 74 per share. A weigh is the fact that JPMorgan, in a paper filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the American Consob, at the end of the day, spoke of "significant losses" related to the trading of derivatives.

The bank, as pointed out by the CEO Jamie Dimon, has recorded losses related to trade to 2 billion dollars in the last six weeks and may suffer more for an extra billion dollars in the second quarter due to market volatility.

In particular, the losses were generated by betting on derivatives (especially credit default swaps) proved ineffective, while a plane used to hedge risk "was riskier, volatile and less effective than expected." The use of so-called "Synthetic hedge," said Dimon was "poorly executed" and "poorly monitored," which has led to "a lot of mistakes, carelessness and poor judgment."

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