Monday, May 14, 2012

Francois Hollande's "President Vespa"

Next week, Francois Hollande will be sworn in as the new French President Nicolas Sarkozy replaced. Contrast to Sarkozy, Francois Hollande really portrays the common people. Francois Hollande has no car, just a Vespa scooter brand. Although no car, bad assets, a house in southern France, on the Riviera coast, which is worth 1.17 million euro. With his father, Francois Hollande also shares ownership of two apartments in Cannes are worth 370 000 euro.

While its predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy is known as, in March 2012 has had more than double the wealth of Francois Hollande 2.7 million euros.

With a wealth of only 1.2 million euros, Francois Hollande just below the line that requires them to pay wealth tax in France. It bought a house in Riviera Francois Hollande in 1986, half of the price now. The house is a place with her partner Francois Hollande long, Segolene Royal, who gave him four children.

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