Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Protect smartphones from cyber crime

More than 5 billion apps have been downloaded from Google's Play Store. because the application was one of the most interesting features of the smartphone. It saw this opportunity, the application being targeted by cyber crime, because they can steal our personal data on google's play. Applications such as malware can steal personal data, such as email passwords, bank accounts and social networking. When it was stolen, of the data and our money is safe. The cyber criminals also often disguised as well-known applications such as "Angry Bird" for example, to change some code to smuggle malware, and upload it again to the Market, with similar names. We must restore the application. There are a few smart things you can consider before downloading the application on the Market. First, note the title, Are there any additional letters or words are clumsy on the title application is similar to popular applications? Second, note the number of downloads. False application has a smaller number of downloads of the original application. Third, pay attention to user reviews to see the reputation of the application. Use the antivirus that can protect you from the threat of cyber crime.

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