Thursday, May 10, 2012

Point Blank

Point Blank, an Online First Person Shooting Game with realistic levels high.
The game was first developed by South Korea Zapetto of dn published by NCSoft. In addition in south korea, this game has its own server.

Thailand, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Peru United States, and Russia. About revolves around the feud between Free Rebels and government represented by the Counter Terrorist Force.

Free Rebels

Increasing numbers of immigrants who do not get a job and expelled from society, so to survive the immigrants and then perform a variety of Crimes of robbery to drug trafficking.
Criminal action is developed into an organized movement to form an organization called Free Rebels. The goal is not to control the entire trade in drugs and weapons across the world and to create fear in the community.

CT Force

Due to conflicts with immigrants is widespread, the government decided to set up a special organization to deal with the terrorists, selected 30 elite troops in carrying out this mission. Since the establishment of this organization, seeking information and the existence of a terrorist organization called Free Rebles. In line with the increasing threat of terrorist organization Free Rebels, government troops and then send the best ever in the government who then came and joined and renamed the CT-FORCE (Counter Terrorist Force).

  • Types of games:
  • Dead Match
  • bomb Mission
  • Eliminate
  • Destroy
  • And some special mode

To play it this game can be downloaded for free at here.

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