Monday, May 14, 2012

Bio Gas From Pig Manure

Bio gas from pig manure. In terms of utilization of waste, swine manure bio gas more has a plus considering the use as fertilizer as cow dung.Bio gas technology is actually not something new. Various countries have been applying this technology since many years ago as farmers in the UK, Russia and the United States. Meanwhile in Asia, India is a pioneer country and bio gas users since 1900, during the British still colonized. The country has a special institution to examine the utilization of manure waste, called Agricultural Research and sombre Institute Gas Research Station, in 1980 the Society was able build as many as 36,000 units of bio gas installations. In addition to the above-mentioned countries, Taiwan, China, Korea also has made use of manure as raw material for bio gas.

It stems from concerns that the number of pig manure dumped directly on the ground , the water is bad for the environment and human. It affects the development of ecosystems and the spread of the H1N1 virus that can cause human infections. Now no longer interfere with pig manure but can produce profits for owners.\

BioGas from Pig Manure

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